Like the emcee on stage, the DJ plays an integral part to the show. It’s been through the DJ that we’ve been able to go to a party and have a really great time just because they’re able to capture and push the tone of any moment just by playing the right song and for any great DJ that requires skill. To take a notch off the 1990 Hip-Hop film Juice, the film showcased and coveted just how awesome the guys on the ones and twos really are. Through the years we’ve come to know legendary names like DJ Red Alert, DJ Marley Marl and Afrika Bambaataa that helped to give way to the rise to the Hip-Hop DJ. DJ’ing today is done across the entire world, there’s a star in every city, region and continent. To look up one of the bests out today, you need to look in Miami, FL and find DJ Meat.

Born Mario Forrester, DJ Meat grew up during the late 80’s and early 90’s Hip-Hop movement that was sprouting in Miami. His life growing up is something that many of us can only imagine because it was around this time that historic local groups around the city like 2 Live Crew and Poison Clan were the face of a new generation. Also, when you consider the fact that DJ Meat grew up in a musical family and had two uncles that DJ’ed, he was given a foundation from an early age on what to do and how to make it towards becoming a DJ one day. He got an early taste of how his career could be when his uncles allowed him to spin at an Easter egg party around the time he was 13. “It’s so many things in my life some of that I don’t remember, but I can still remember that Easter egg party. I was just enjoying the festivities and my uncle was like come on… come spin. I was like ‘what… I can’t do that.’ He showed me a few simple things to do and then it was on! from there.” As time went on, his seriousness and skills grew as he spun often at summer block parties and house parties with his team called National Funk Dj’s. Where his mentors Craig “Slick” Manor & Kenneth “Bigg” Williams helped molded his path. Around 2006 he cranked thing up more, thanks in part to the help of his mentor and friend the late legendary DJ Big Will. DJ Big Will gave DJ Meat an opportunity to work at his first nightclub gig at CoCo’s Nightclub. In the process, he also befriended DJ Krunch One who took him under his wing because he could see DJ Meat’s potential and recruited his to become a Slip N’ Slide Records DJ in 2007 – 2010. After leaving CoCo’s around 2008, his notoriety around the city continued grow.

After years on the grind and paying dues, today DJ Meat is a solid businessman that was the co-owner of Street Connect DJS. The company served as a DJ Coalition and helped break records for local and national artists through the Florida underground market. His mixtape series “Stamped N’ Da Streetz” is a favorite is the streets and in the clubs as well. When he’s not making business moves, you can catch him spinning at Miami’s King Of Diamond’s Strip Club just about every other night where he’s been a familiar face since the clubs opening in 2009. He’s broken a lot of records at KOD for many local artists and one such example is Ace Hood’s – “Hustle Hard.” He also spins at other clubs regularly in across the U.S. including Atlanta, Detroit and Dallas. Despite his success, DJ Meat is still for supporting local music acts. At the moment, he’s currently working on putting together an online Hip-Hop show that will serve as a platform for South Florida talent to be heard and for big artists to come through to promote upcoming projects. “For me going the way of doing an online TV show through The Zone TV Channel 125 it keeps things uncensored. Being on the internet is the way things are moving now. The reason why I’m doing this is because I feel like the city needs it. It needs another gateway, another outlet for music for local music because for one… going the way of the radio is not working. It’s not going to change no time soon. This show will give importance to the city and to the local scene because people can be able to see the visuals and see their relationship to the artists that is from the city that they live in. It’s creating a connection that’s not there with the consumer because the local scene is detached.” Even still with everything that he has going on, he’s still humbled to admit that he’s still a down to earth guy. “For me at the end of the day, I still want people to know that I’m still a father, a person that likes to have fun, a leader, a CEO of a company and an all around kind person. I’m a DJ, but human too.”